ACROSS Lexington

The goal of this challenge is to promote the ACROSS Lexington Rick Abrams Memorial Route Network.   Inspired by peak bagging (climbing every mountain on a list), you can earn a certificate if you walk each ACROSS Lexington route.  That's it! 

Here is more information and program guidelines:

  1. Download this excel tracking sheet or the PDF version.   NOTE:  The older boardwalk in Hayden Woods that is part of Route H was seriously damaged by a falling tree. We have installed temporary route marker arrows to guide walkers on an alternate route for the summer until this can be repaired some time this fall when the vernal pool dries out. The arrows have the letters Temp marked on them in magic marker. 
  2. Walk every ACROSS Lexington route, including overlapping segments to fulfill the spirit of the challenge.
  3. Note the date you went on the walk.
  4. Add your name to the tracking sheet at the bottom.
  5. Write a few sentences (a Blurb) about your experience at the bottom of the tracking sheet. 
  6. Indicate if you want your name added to the website.
  7. Send your completed form to for a certificate.

Resources and Notes

We would love to hear from you.  Send email to with answers to these questions or your own comments.  We can also forward comments about the trail to the Greenways Corridor Committee . Is the purpose of this site clear? Were the instructions on how to get your certificate clear? Do you have any tips that should be included in the tracking sheet? Any other comments?  

Let us know, send email to

Congratulations to these baggers!

# Name Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Version
1 Gil Benghiat 2019-07-13
2 Ilene Benghiat 2019-07-13
3 Michael Tsuk 2020-05-09 M
4 Steve Berry 2020-06-16  
5 Henrietta Hung 2020-06-23 M
6 Paul Perry 2020-06-23 M
7 Dennis O'Donnell 2020-06-29 M
8 Ruth Ladd 2020-06-30 M
9 Linda Wolk 2020-08-06 M
10 Dick Wolk 2020-08-06 M
11 Miriam Boucher 2020-08-13 M
12 Judith Glixon 2020-08-29 M
13 Nelson Caldwell 2020-08-29 M
14 Rob Stevens 2020-08-30 M
15 Alison Stevens 2020-08-30 M
16 Trevor Stevens 2020-08-30 M
17 Adela Stevens 2020-08-30 M
18 Joyce Nett 2020-09-07 M
19 Millie Webster 2020-09-11 M
20 Bennett Webster 2020-09-11 M
21 David Gambone 2020-09-17 M
22 Brady Gambone 2020-09-24 M
23 anonymous 2020-10-06 M
24 anonymous 2020-10-06 M
25 Laurel Carpenter 2020-10-18 M
26 Kevin Oye 2020-11-08 M
27 June Hsiao 2020-11-08 M
28 Paul Dwyer 2020-11-13 M
29 Nancy Bartlett 2020-11-29 M
30 Alan Levine 2020-12-14 M
31 Ivan Basch 2020-12-15 M
32 anonymous 2021-01-07 M
33 Austin Bliss 2021-01-21 M
34 Anne-Marie Lambert 2021-01-30 M
35 Gail Bogdanow 2021-02-24 M
36 Jennifer Herman 2021-03-16 M
37 Dorothea Osborne 2021-03-29 M
38 Sean Osborne 2021-03-29 M
39 Larry Jones 2021-04-15 M
40 Fabian ​Gusovsky 2021-04-20 M
41 Marilyn Gosse  2021-04-20 M
42 David Frohman 2021-06-20 M
43 Maria Frohman 2021-06-20 M
44 Andre Frohman 2021-06-20 M
45 Damian Frohman 2021-06-20 M

This website has been created with the guidance of the Greenways Corridor Committee.